Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I promised myself that I will really SLOG when I first joined this company. A few months had passed and I feel that I did not slog but I am definitely working hard. The constant self reminder that I did not slog is causing me some stress, I definitely can do more than what I am doing now. In order to stop stressing over this, I need to change. Let this posting be a brand new beginning to my career. From today onwards, I will focus and set new challenges for myself. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

As for personal stuff. I must stop worrying about matters that are not within my control. Stop interfering in matters that are none of my business, my offering of help may be more of a hinderance to others. For those who have been taking me for granted, I should stop wishing that they will improve, 'wake up' and spend more efforts on those who really appreciate me.

On a happy note, I am thankful for my parents, especially my dad for instilling the right values in me. I attended a dinner function recently and T commented that I carried a decent conversation well comparing to some of the ladies on the same table. I am not shy to admit that although I might not be the best but at least I know how to present myself well when attending social or formal events. If you want to see the 'loud' me, meet me for informal coffee/drinking sessions and you will be shocked.

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