Thursday, February 20, 2014


I am at the 31st week of my pregnancy. Honestly, this pregnancy has not been easy. The morning sickness, the super demanding hunger pangs, the constant giddiness, the 'metal' taste in mouth whenever I take something sweet and the heartburn which lasted until now. Together with the worries about my baby in my tummy, there were a lot more tearful nights.

Thinking that I am comfortable with my gynaecologist, I made a decision to let my gynaecologist perform the detailed scan. I have to say that I should have chosen to go to the hospital for the scan. His equipment is considered quite advanced but he did not spend much time on the scan. I guess to him, as long as the major organs are functioning, the rest does not matter. It took him two appointments to figure out that my baby's heart is normal and till the 28th week, I still did not know the gender of my baby. He was also unable to confirm that my baby's lips are normal. Me and T were quite worried and upset and upon consulting my group of mummy friends, I decided to walk in to Thomson Medical Centre for a detailed scan during CNY's eve. The sonographer spend about 45minutes with me, communicating with my baby and she managed to scan everything that is necessary. My baby is a girl and everything about her is normal.

I have also visited the infant care centre yesterday. I am quite pleased with what I saw. The centre is kept clean, kids looked happy and the toddlers are separated from the infants to prevent any accidents. Kudos to hubby for managing to find this centre!

Me and T are looking forward to the arrival of our little girl, Alexis. Hopefully it will be a smooth delivery.
(hopefully when Alexis arrives, the confinement lady will be available too)