Sunday, December 30, 2012


Completed the previous post which I started last night. This post is just to air some of my thoughts regarding kids.

If I ever have the opportunity to become a mommy, I really hope that I will be able to instill good values in the kid. Examples: NO LYING to get others into trouble or to become a 'victim', no attention seeking till it irks, be contented and appreciative....and the list goes on. I guess it does not matter that the kid will misbehave at times as kids are active and naughty by nature.


I started reading blogs of mummies a few months back, forgot what led me to them but I enjoy reading them. I did try starting a blog a few years back but stopped updating as I found that my posts were expressing my innermost feelings and I did not feel comfortable with sharing them at that time. I am ready now after motivated by reading so many blogs and I want to start one too...copycat!

I am not desperately trying to get pregnant and I am not particularly in love with kids but I do enjoy reading the blogs and looking at the pictures and videos of the children. I like to read on activities that the parents do with the kids, I am quite sure that if I am ever a mummy, I will have plenty of ideas/activities to spend fun and quality time with my kid.

Almost everyone around me is expecting me to get pregnant immediately after I got married. I guess this probably is due to my age? When me and T got married, we agreed that we will enjoy our marriage life for about a year or two before deciding if we want to have a baby. It has been 1.5 years, I am aware that he is ready for fatherhood but a few months ago I was still not ready, I was sure that having a baby will end our carefree life. We will be financially burdened and will not be able to spend money or go on trips as often (not that we travel a lot or have loads of money to spend). I am a person who has great passion in 'nua-ing' and so I was worried that I will be too tired to take care of the kid.

However, my thinking changed recently. I do look forward to having a 'complete' family.....or being pregnant! In fact, we can have good quality family life, it is wrong to think that we will miss out alot if we have a baby cos if we have a baby, we will not miss out on parenthood!