Thursday, February 20, 2014


I am at the 31st week of my pregnancy. Honestly, this pregnancy has not been easy. The morning sickness, the super demanding hunger pangs, the constant giddiness, the 'metal' taste in mouth whenever I take something sweet and the heartburn which lasted until now. Together with the worries about my baby in my tummy, there were a lot more tearful nights.

Thinking that I am comfortable with my gynaecologist, I made a decision to let my gynaecologist perform the detailed scan. I have to say that I should have chosen to go to the hospital for the scan. His equipment is considered quite advanced but he did not spend much time on the scan. I guess to him, as long as the major organs are functioning, the rest does not matter. It took him two appointments to figure out that my baby's heart is normal and till the 28th week, I still did not know the gender of my baby. He was also unable to confirm that my baby's lips are normal. Me and T were quite worried and upset and upon consulting my group of mummy friends, I decided to walk in to Thomson Medical Centre for a detailed scan during CNY's eve. The sonographer spend about 45minutes with me, communicating with my baby and she managed to scan everything that is necessary. My baby is a girl and everything about her is normal.

I have also visited the infant care centre yesterday. I am quite pleased with what I saw. The centre is kept clean, kids looked happy and the toddlers are separated from the infants to prevent any accidents. Kudos to hubby for managing to find this centre!

Me and T are looking forward to the arrival of our little girl, Alexis. Hopefully it will be a smooth delivery.
(hopefully when Alexis arrives, the confinement lady will be available too)

Thursday, December 26, 2013


1st of September will be a special date for me from today onwards. I got a 'positive' from the pregnancy test kit last night. We were back from a gathering with friends and T commented that he will be buying the pregnancy test kit for me tomorrow. I got all excited and requested for him to go get the kit right away. I dislike the unknowns and I will fight for every opportunity to find out any answers that I need to know in the soonest possible time..good and bad. T went off alone to five different locations but the kits at these places were all sold out. Finally, I asked him to drive me to Mustafa as I read on someone's blog that there are kits which are selling for $2. POSITIVE!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I promised myself that I will really SLOG when I first joined this company. A few months had passed and I feel that I did not slog but I am definitely working hard. The constant self reminder that I did not slog is causing me some stress, I definitely can do more than what I am doing now. In order to stop stressing over this, I need to change. Let this posting be a brand new beginning to my career. From today onwards, I will focus and set new challenges for myself. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

As for personal stuff. I must stop worrying about matters that are not within my control. Stop interfering in matters that are none of my business, my offering of help may be more of a hinderance to others. For those who have been taking me for granted, I should stop wishing that they will improve, 'wake up' and spend more efforts on those who really appreciate me.

On a happy note, I am thankful for my parents, especially my dad for instilling the right values in me. I attended a dinner function recently and T commented that I carried a decent conversation well comparing to some of the ladies on the same table. I am not shy to admit that although I might not be the best but at least I know how to present myself well when attending social or formal events. If you want to see the 'loud' me, meet me for informal coffee/drinking sessions and you will be shocked.

Monday, April 1, 2013


I read something on FB about disappointments in a relationship, "No Expectations, No Disappointments". Normally when I am disappointed with T, I will tell myself, in a sore manner, not to expect anything from him again to avoid disappointments. However, after watching the movie on tv, 'Eat, Pray, Love', I realised that I was wrong all these while. Through the scene of an arguement between Julia Roberts and her partner, It finally dawned on me that it is not healthy for a relationship to have expectations. I am trying to minimise any expectations that I have from T....very difficult process.

Recently, there were quite a lot of quarrels between us. I am very sensitive towards his quick temper and stubbornness. I find myself getting disgusted with him whenever he flares up. To me, a man must be able to control his temper well so that the mind will be clear to make any judgement/decision. On a positive note, our quarrels do not last long.

I also noticed that we are not as close anymore. It is part and parcel of a marriage? I do not know. I wonder if he is stressed or too caught up in his work to spend quality time communicating with me. I even thought of a 'no tv and no ipad in room' rule when both of us are in the bedroom but I know that it is a stupid rule. I realised that he does not really appreciate the things I do or enforce for him to have a healthier life. I got very demoralised. However, I received an watsapp message from him this morning telling me about his work day. I was touched that he made the effort to communicate with me, he has always been making this effort to message me. He helps with the housework, ferries me wherever I want to go and volunteers to send me for a work task during the weekends.

I guess I got to stop being so over-sensitive and practice what I learnt from the movie, do not have expectations!

Next task for us! Try to have a baby...not just the 'if have then good' attitude! :p

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Completed the previous post which I started last night. This post is just to air some of my thoughts regarding kids.

If I ever have the opportunity to become a mommy, I really hope that I will be able to instill good values in the kid. Examples: NO LYING to get others into trouble or to become a 'victim', no attention seeking till it irks, be contented and appreciative....and the list goes on. I guess it does not matter that the kid will misbehave at times as kids are active and naughty by nature.


I started reading blogs of mummies a few months back, forgot what led me to them but I enjoy reading them. I did try starting a blog a few years back but stopped updating as I found that my posts were expressing my innermost feelings and I did not feel comfortable with sharing them at that time. I am ready now after motivated by reading so many blogs and I want to start one too...copycat!

I am not desperately trying to get pregnant and I am not particularly in love with kids but I do enjoy reading the blogs and looking at the pictures and videos of the children. I like to read on activities that the parents do with the kids, I am quite sure that if I am ever a mummy, I will have plenty of ideas/activities to spend fun and quality time with my kid.

Almost everyone around me is expecting me to get pregnant immediately after I got married. I guess this probably is due to my age? When me and T got married, we agreed that we will enjoy our marriage life for about a year or two before deciding if we want to have a baby. It has been 1.5 years, I am aware that he is ready for fatherhood but a few months ago I was still not ready, I was sure that having a baby will end our carefree life. We will be financially burdened and will not be able to spend money or go on trips as often (not that we travel a lot or have loads of money to spend). I am a person who has great passion in 'nua-ing' and so I was worried that I will be too tired to take care of the kid.

However, my thinking changed recently. I do look forward to having a 'complete' family.....or being pregnant! In fact, we can have good quality family life, it is wrong to think that we will miss out alot if we have a baby cos if we have a baby, we will not miss out on parenthood!